Pizza has been the best and often the most preferred choice of the world, not just Canada, for a long time now. The modern-day pizza came to life in Naples, Italy in the 18th to early 19th century. However, before that time, ingredients like garlic, salt, fat, cheese and basil were the preferred flatbread toppings for the general public. So, rather than being “conceived” at a specific time, our favorite Red Deer pizza simply evolved to what it is today and went a long way ahead amounting to over 5 billion pieces sold worldwide. Intriguingly enough, over 3 billion pieces are sold in North America only.

Even it takes a lot of time and passion to learn how to make a truly delicious pizza, one thing is for certain, the most important tip to making a fantastic gourmet pizza one can give you is that what is truly over the top is the ingredients you use on top.

When making a pizza for yourself or catering, if you use the freshest ingredients you can find, your pizza will always taste far better simply because of them. By standing firmly and stick to values of quality and simplicity to ensure that your pizzas are made only with all-natural and top-notch ingredients, will make you confident you’re providing your family a healthy meal with wholesome ingredients that are not only tasty but healthy and fun as well.

With all of that pizza-eating buzz going on from the East to the West and restaurants across the globe, it is important to provide from local providers for as much of your ingredients as possible. Regardless where you live and where you purchase your toothsome pepperoni, fried sausage, flavorful ham, prosciutto, spicy salami, fresh veggies, top-quality cheeses or delicious pickled sweet hot peppers – just stand behind quality and do not be afraid to experiment nor keep your ingredients secret. Sharing is caring but when it comes to pizza this goes to a whole new level.

Everyday life is hectic for all of us and we are all in this together, therefore, having a healthy fast food pizza to grab on your way out is more than a necessity. Pizza is the way to go during busy holidays season or birthday parties, so the next time you have a busy day and it will not going to end anytime soon, but you want your family to still eat a healthy and nutritious meal spent around the family dinner table, make sure you choose the right ingredients and invest as much love as possible while doing so.